As we have announced, Faucetminer closed on the 25th July.
After more than 1 year running time including the previous version, I want to thank you and everybody for the time on Faucetminer. Likely, every faucet has a limit when it goes down.
In the whole last six months, I invested much time and cost in Faucetminer to be an (great) dogecoin collecting site.
Unfortunately, the bitcoin advertising are not paying well and the revenue was high and just kept the site running. 😴
As the economic of Bitcoin wants, after Block Halving the Rewards goes dramatic down and the site income is unstable.

If you see similar sites such as Faucetminer, please DO NOT join them, because the income only from Bitcoin Advertising Networks is not enough.

More Projects

Many people ask me whether I'll open a new project. Currently, I'm not working on a new project.
However, if I ever launch a project. I'll make an announcement in a forum and may mail some users who registered on Faucetminer.

My last words: Stay safe and enjoy the summer time! 😉

- Salmen